Qigong, Tai Chi and Meditation help me restore my life, here is my story.

Sangha Yoga Studio

Traditional Sun Style 97 Form

 - Beginners Class -

 Sundays 10am-11am beginning September 7th

This 12 week course will cover the first 3 sections and the first 41 Movements of Sun Style 97 Form Tai Chi Course. This course will conclude just before the Christmas Holidays.

You may register early by emailing the instructor Here or just show up and register on the first day.

This Tai Chi will be studied as a means of meditation and developing concentration to help relieve stress and rekindle energy. The coordination and harmonizing breath, movement and energy, require a deep concentration which help the student transcend the thinking mind. The movements are complex and involves mental-physical multi-tasking which leaves little room for thinking. One usually feels relaxed when the class is over.

Group Glass Fee:

One Class: $14 each

6 classes completed in 6 weeks: $60  ($10/Class)

6 classes completed in 7 weeks: $66 ($11/class)

6 classes completed in 8 weeks: $72 ($12/class)

12 Classes completed in 12 weeks: $120 ($10/class

Sangha Yoga Studio

834 Prince Ave. / Athens, Ga. 30606

To Sign Up Call: (706) 613-1143

Or Email: sbeasley@taichiuniversity.info

Mindfulness Based Meditation For Stress

This meditation program is part of the Qigong Five Regulatings Course

This Stress Management Training is part of our Qigong Regulating the Mind Series

This is a Qigong Five Regulatings  And Six Harmonies Course

This first 12 week course is Regulating The Mind


- Deep Relaxation Techniques

 - Discovering the breath (mind harmonizes with breath)

- Mindfulness of Thinking (noticing ideas and thoughts)

- Mindfulness of the Reactive Mind (Mind and Intent Harmonize)

- Mindfulness of Emotion (Regulating the Emotional Mind)

- Mindfulness of Energy , (Intent and Qi Harmonize)

- Mindfulness of the Body (The Harmonize With the Boy)

Mindfulness of Spirit - (Qi and Spirit Harmonize)

-Mindfulness of Energy (Qi)

- Mindfulness of Essence

- Movement and Emptiness  harmonize

- Self Realization

 This Group Meditation Class Begins weekly class September 7, at 11:15 am

Private Lessons Available

$30 per class or $110 for package of 4 lessons

(Bring a friend and split the cost)

Option Course Handbook for $20.00

Instructor Sam Beasley

Classes In Athens Ga

Tai Chi For Stress